If you are thinking about selling your Vancouver WA house, have you considered selling it without using an agent? Did you even know that was possible? The MLS is not the only way to sell a home today. The internet and direct buyers offer you valid, easy to access alternatives. Keep reading to learn more.

Making Decisions that Save You Money

Simply put, using an agent is one of the costliest ways to sell your Vancouver, WA home. So why do people do it? Because they want to get top dollar out of their home. But what if you don’t have the time or the resources to take all this on? What if selling a house sounds like more of a burden than a chance to make a profit? For whatever reason, spending the time and money on an agent to try to get top dollar out of your Vancouver home may not make sense for you.

Remember, that an agent will cost you up to 6% of the total sales of your home in the current market. Add to that the 2 – 3% that end up going to closing costs and all the pre-sales, repair, photography, staging, and cleaning costs and you’re north of 20% of your total profit – much of which you have to foot the bill for before you sell your home and without the assurance you even will sell it after the time and work.

Handling Negotiations

One of the biggest things Agents do for you is handle the negotiation aspect of selling your home to a buyer. However, if you are a competent negotiator and/or know much about real-estate you may not need them to do this for you.

This is a great way to save on costs by approaching the sale of your Vancouver home with a DIY attitude. So if you are able to arrive at a good asking price and get all of your documents in line properly, you may have little need to pay the thousands of dollars an agent will end up costing you.

When you get to the negotiation table, keep in mind there are buyers who will come in and make an offer without going through all the details of repairs, concessions, credits, etc. This is the type of buyer that will be easy for you to deal with if you are a little new to this. One of the best options is to sell to a direct buyer like us who handles the paperwork and costs for you, so that you basically just agree to the sale and we handle the rest.

Try to Keep It Personal

In situations where you are trying to sell your house without an agent, a good way to facilitate a relatively painless sale is to sell to someone you know who is familiar with you and the property so that you can leverage that history to your advantage.

This situation will need to be one where there is a lot of trust, but within families, this can be a great option to help keep a property for extended family while allowing its current owner to be free of the hassle or obligation.

So keep people you know as a potential buyer in mind and if there is a fit, you may be able to save quite a bit on agent fees by negotiating directly with the interested party.

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