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We Buy Houses in Pasco, WA

We Can Make a Fair, All Cash Offer To Buy Your Home in 24-48 Hours.

    • Fastest Way To Sell your Pasco Property For Cash.
    • No Repairs, No fees, No Inspections, No Appraisals.
    • Selling With a Real Estate Agent Can Take Months and Cost Thousands of Dollars in Fees. Avoid The Hassle.

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Need To Sell Your Pasco House Fast?

We buy Pasco houses in ANY CONDITION. There are zero commissions, no fees, and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property to get a cash offer in 24 hours or call 509-591-9196.

Sell Fast

We understand that things happen in life and sometimes you just need to sell your Pasco house fast. Whether you are going through financial hardship or moving for new career opportunities we can help. We can close in as little as 5 days – You choose the date.

No Commission

We are not a real estate brokerage firm and we do not charge fees or commissions to purchase your Pasco house. We take care of all the hassle including all of the paperwork, as well as all the fees associated with selling your house. All you’ll need to do is come to closing ready to sign and get your cash.

No Repairs Needed

Unlike traditional house buyers we don’t need your house to be in excellent condition to get approved for a loan. We want your house as is. We love the opportunity to take your house and convert it to a home for a new family.

We Buy Houses For Cash in Pasco whether they need repairs or not.

We Buy Houses in Vancouver

Are you looking to sell your house in Pasco fast for cash? Need to get out from under expensive repairs and payments? You’ve found the right place. If you have a house in Pasco that you want to sell for cash, Summit Development is here to help. We are specialized in helping homeowners in Pasco and the greater Tri-Cities area sell their houses quickly and easily for cash. If you want to know more just call our office serving Pasco in the Tri-Cities at 509-591-9196 today.

Summit Development is proud to serve Pasco homeowners as well as the rest of the Tri-Cities area. We buy homes in Pasco for a fair cash price. So if you are looking to sell your property in Pasco and want a no risk offer, look no further.  If you have ever had the thought “I need to sell my house for cash in Pasco and sell it fast!” We are here to help.

When you call our office, our experienced team is able to quickly evaluate your property and determine how much we can offer. Typically, it takes our team 24-48 hours to evaluate a house in Pasco. When we evaluate a property, we approach it with a philosophy that we want to create not just a win for ourselves, but a win for the seller. So we look at the value on the market if it was top condition and evaluate the cost of getting it to that place in order to make an offer that is fair to both of us. We do this because we are interested in improving the neighborhoods and communities of Pasco to improve the overall market for every homeowner in the area.

Sell Your Pasco House Fast for Cash  – Close in as Quickly as Five Days

We are Summit Development and we buy houses in Pasco for cash. We finance our own deals so we don’t have to wait for a bank or do endless amounts of paperwork. This means when we make an offer it’s firm and we can get you cash in hand as quickly as five days. Worried we won’t buy your house because it’s not in top condition? Don’t be! We buy all kinds of houses in all kinds of conditions and we buy them as is with no repairs needed. That’s right, we take on the effort and cost of repairing or addressing any issues with the property. Even if your house is in the process of being foreclosed upon, we can help. For whatever reason, if you need cash for a house in Pasco, call Summit Development. We will get you a fair cash offer as quickly as possible.

If you want to sell your house super fast and not have to deal with inspections and all the red tape and deal with a friendly person who is up front and keeps you in the loop all the way through, talk to Elliot!!

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Do You Want Cash For Your Pasco House?

When you spend a lot of time searching online for “Sell my house for cash Pasco” or “Sell my house fast Pasco,” you may find there are quite a few options. However, you want to work with a reputable company like Summit Development who has worked in the Tri-Cities area for years and who has a strong reputation and many reviews of past customers.  You may have gotten frustrated and opted to try to sell your Pasco house as an FSBO (For Sale By Owner), but there can be just as many issues with this path as well. The third option, using an agent, may get you the top dollar amount, but it comes with all kinds of issues you can just avoid altogether by working with a reputable company like Summit Development who you know you can trust. These include:

    • Time spent repairing and cleaning the property to show it again and again for potential buyers
    • Discovering and building a good relationship with a reputable agent who is going to treat you right.
    • Being forced to sign contracts that limit your options on how you can sell and that obligate you to pay your agent even if they don’t help you sell the home.
    • Having all kinds of strangers come into your home time and again for public and private showings.
    • All kinds of paperwork and fees you’ll have to work through, negotiate, and pay in order to get paid.
    • Waiting for months of uncertainty while still paying property taxes and bills on the property as you wait to find a buyer.

Ultimately, the market is unpredictable and it can sometimes be difficult to find a buyer. That means that after all the time and money you spend with a realtor, you may not be able to sell the house for the amount you want. What’s more, this can compound into an even more serious issue in that your house may be seen as problematic on the market. People are suspicious of a house that doesn’t sell right away and it can be harder and harder to attract an offer.

What’s more, you can have a buyer who genuinely wants to buy the house and the bank says no. For whatever reason, the lender evaluated the deal and told the buyer they weren’t going to finance it. This means you are out of luck. At the end of this, when you eventually do sell the house, you’ll have to deduct all the time, fees, efforts, and piled up taxes/fees from the amount you make to understand how much profit there actually was.

At Summit Development, we understand that not everyone has the time or the natural inclination with the real estate market to go through the traditional process. We recognize that some people need to move more quickly because of a change in work or family or that they simply may have too much on their plate to deal with all that goes along with restoring an older property.

Bottom line, we buy houses as-is in Pasco and the rest of the Tri-Cities area. We don’t lock you into any contract, so there is no obligation to find out what we’d offer. Furthermore, we can give you an answer in 24 – 48 hours, and, if you accept our offer, we can get you cash as quickly as five days later.

Want a FAIR cash offer on your Pasco house? Call Summit Development at 509-591-9196 today. It doesn’t matter what issues the property has or condition the house is in. We consider all properties in Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and the rest of the Tri-Cities area.

We BUY Pasco Houses – CASH, no matter the condition of your house – your situation – or timeframe…

Get A Fair Cash Offer

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Homes at any price. Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.

Common Situations We Can Help With…

To Many Repairs




Take Over Payment



Tax Liens


Stop Foreclosure



Probate or Inheritance


Why Selling Your Pasco House Fast To Us Makes Sense

      • You will not have to pay any commissions or fees.
      • You will not be required to make any repairs. We buy your house as-is.
      • You won’t have to waste your valuable time and money trying to market.
      • You won’t have to have strangers walking through your house all hours of day.
      • You will not have to keep paying for property that you no longer want or need.
      • You don’t have to wait weeks to close, we are able to close quickly and hassle-free.
      • No wait to close. We are our own bank, so we can get you cash as quickly as five days later.
      • No paperwork to fill out. We will help with the title and everything else. We make it the most hassle-free way to sell your home in Pasco, hands down!
      • No obligation if we make an offer. Take it or leave it. Yes. It’s. That. Simple.
      • No need to find a final buyer. Once we buy your home, it’s our worry and you are done with cash in hand. We will then evaluate what we want to do with the property next while you are finally free to move on with your life!

Sell Your House in Pasco Washington

We buy houses fast, whether they need repairs or not. Did you know that you can sell your house and have a check in your hand within as little as 5 days? Are you here because you need to or would just prefer to sell your Pasco house fast?

Our Simple House Buying Process

3 simple steps to sell your house fast.

Tell Us About Your Pasco House.

Start by giving Summit Development a call at our Pasco office at 509-591-9196 or just fill out the form on this page. Rest assured your information is completely confidential. No one will know that you decided to see what we’d offer. Just give us a call or fill out the form. That’s all you need to do. Once we receive your information, our experienced team will get to work right away evaluating your property. Once our analysis is done, we’ll get back to you with our decision and offer within 24-48 hours.

Schedule a time for us to view your property.

We will first analyze the property and then contact you to actually see the property. This will only take 15 – 30 minutes. Don’t worry about making repairs or cleaning the property. We do this all the time and expect to find issues. This doesn’t deter us from making an offer. We are simply looking at the house to evaluate it’s potential, not its current condition. Our decision to make an offer is made solely upon the potential, so give us a call and find out what we’d offer.

In many cases, we can make an offer right on the spot after viewing the house. We will be prepared to do so if we come to your property as well as address any questions you have about the process at that time. If you agree to the offer, we can then sign a purchase agreement and discuss how soon you’d like your money.

The final step will be the closing with our title company. After this has been completed, we will wire the funds directly to your bank account.

Get A Fair Cash Offer For Your Pasco House

We buy houses in Pasco ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of about your property to get a cash offer in 24 hours or call 360-667-5424.