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Do you own a house in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities, Washington that you need to sell because of an upcoming need to move or relocate? Summit Development is here to help. With all cash-offers on any property, regardless of its condition, that we are ready to close in in 9 days, we may be the quickest, easiest option for you.

Relocation & Homeownership

At Summit Development, we understand that there are all kinds of reasons why you may want to move quickly. These can include:

  • You got a new job or have changed careers and need to move to a new part of the country.
  • You have added a new member or more to your family and need a bigger place.
  • You find a new home that you want to buy and you need to sell your current home quickly in order to be able to make the move.
  • You have personal or familial situations that require a change in locale or living arrangement you could not have foreseen when you purchased your home.

Whatever the reason, we understand that the focus for a homeowner in this situation is not spending a bunch of time and money in order to maximize profit on the MLS. No, quite the opposite. They need someone they can trust to give them a fair price for their home and to close quickly enough they can focus on the changes in their life requiring the relocation.

For some homeowners, getting top dollar is the focus. For others, you need an option that is quicker and easier and you don’t mind taking a slightly lower but still fair offer in order to make this happen. If this sounds like you, then call or fill out the form on this site today.

Summit Development can buy your home in as-is condition without the need for you to make any repairs. We don’t use bank loans to purchase your house so the condition does not matter.
Just fill out the form to Sell Your Home as-is and you will receive a Fair Cash Offer within 24 hours.  Within days you could have your home sold and be moving forward with your life.
Get A Fair Cash Offer
We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Homes at any price. Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.

Why Sell Your Home to Summit Development?

When it comes to getting a fair offer quickly for your Vancouver or Tri-Cities home, Summit Development delivers. When you work with us:

  • We know that you need to move quickly, so we evaluate homes as fast as we can, make offers within 24 hours of viewing a property, and can close with cash in hand as quickly as 9 days after making the offer.
  • We exist to help homeowners who are in a hurry or who don’t have the money to fix up their property to top condition. There is never any reason to worry about the condition of your home will prevent us from making an offer. We want to help improve the neighborhoods in Washington, so we’ll be remodeling the home anyway before putting it back on the market.
  • We finance all of our offers ourselves. That means our offers are final (no bank will get in the way). It also means we can get you money as quickly as 9 days later.
  • When you sell to us, we take care of all the paperwork for you and there are no fees or commission. Just a fair price that we can close on as quickly as you need.

Summit Development specializes in helping homeowners in Vancouver and the Tri-Cities who want to sell their home as quickly as they can. No matter what condition your house currently is in, we may be interested. Want to know more? Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) or fill out the form on this site today.