Are you looking to sell a Tri-Cities home as fast as possible? If you are a homeowner living in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, or Benton, the following suggestions will aid you in getting your home sold.

There is a fast and fair way to sell your Tri-Cities Area house fast for cash!

[NOTE: to get your home sold fast, thinking about selling it for a cash offer. We buy houses in Tri-Cities and offer fair cash prices.]

What Are Your Options When You Need to Sell Your Tri-Cities House as Fast as You Can?

The world of financing hasn’t been consistent as of late. Lenders are notorious for modifying program requirements on the 11th hour. For the average purchaser, such changes could postpone your sale.

Be mindful that anybody is capable of making cash offers, even if they are borrowing funds to buy the property. As such, when a home is being sold through a realtor to some end buyer, the process may have to be restarted from scratch if a buyer’s financing doesn’t come through. This will prolong the process, increasing the expenses involved with holding onto the property.

To bypass the hassles that come with buyers pulling out unexpectedly because of a lack of financing, you can sell the property to an investment firm such as ours. We have the capital to pay you a fair cash price in as little as 1 week!

More often than not, a qualified investor will be able to access more than one line of credit via private and public lenders, which are secured by various assets.

As such, we have the ability to close quickly. We are not dependent on any bank loans, nor do we need to wait around for them to be approved. You’ll get cash in your hand and complete the sale quickly.

Due diligence will need to be performed to ensure that the local investor you are dealing with is qualified and reputable. A qualified investor won’t have any issues giving you direct access to references and bankers that can back up their claims.

If you have accepted some sort of cash offer, and a money deposit that is fairly earnest is involved, you may be allowed to hold onto the deposit in the event that a buyer is unable to close on their purchase.

But how do you get cash offers fast?

You’ll get a cash offer that is fair from us within 12 hours. We buy houses all over Tri-Cities. We purchase homes in these areas and either convert them into rental properties or remodel/repair the place before reselling it.

If your property qualifies, you may be able to part ways with your home much faster than you would through a real estate agent. Get an offer today!

Just fill out the form or pick up the phone and call us anytime at (509) 591-9196

Our Goal Is To Make Sure You Are Aware Of All The Options Available When Selling A Home

If selling your home fast for cash isn’t the best solution for you, we will happily recommend better alternatives.

Same Day Cash Offer / Close In 7-10 Days

Washington’s 5 Star Rated Home Buyer

Get A Same Day Cash Offer For Your House

You Choose The Closing Date! No Lowball Offers Or Obligations.

No Lowball Offers

Regardless of the condition your property is in, the timeframe you are facing, or the circumstances you are dealing with, we can simplify your life and free you from burdensome properties that are causing you stress. We want to buy your Tri-Cities or Benton City Area house!

Our offer will be fast, and simple. We can close in as little as 7 days in most cases or you can choose the closing date!

Let’s Make Things Happen

Give us a call today at (509) 591-9196 or fill out the form to receive a same day cash offer!

“From the first time speaking to the team, I was impressed by the professionalism and warmth that they possess. They truly find a solution that works for you and isn’t just all about them. I highly recommend working with them!”

Justin B.

Richland Home Seller

[Same Day] Fair Cash Offer

Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, & Benton City’s 5-Star Google Rated Cash Home Buyers
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