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Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Vancouver or Tri-Cities

The Simple way to Sell Your House Fast with no Hassle

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Sell Your House Fast For Cash

There are many reasons why a homeowner in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities may need to sell their home as soon as they can. These include a variety of circumstances where you simply do not have the time, money, or inclination to continue to keep up a house you own. You could suddenly have to move for a job or because of a change in your familial situation.

No matter the reason, Summit Development can help you close on your home in as little as 1 week.

No Commission or Fees

We are not Real Estate Agents and there is no need to pay us a commission or any fees. We cover all fees at closing so all you have to do is sign.

No Repairs Needed

We Buy Houses As-Is so there is no need for you to do any repairs on your home before selling. We will perform the needed repairs after we buy your home.

We Buy Houses For Cash Anywhere In Vancouver, Tri-Cities, And The Surrounding Areas

Do you have a home you need to sell? Well, you are in the right place.

Summit Development, formerly C&E Real Estate, proudly serves homeowners in Vancouver (360-667-5424) and the Tri-Cities (509-591-9196) who need to sell their homes as quickly as possible for cash. What’s more, you don’t need to hire a real estate agent or list your property on the MLS, both of which mean time and money. So when you get an offer from Summit Development, there will be no fees, commissions, or other amounts deducted.

What’s more, with Summit Development, we’ll make an offer on your property as-is. That means you don’t need to spend more time and money repairing, updating, and fixing the property. This means that instead of having to spend all that time dealing with whatever current issues exist, you can sell your home to us and be rid of the constant hassle and burden.

 How Does The Process Work?

When you contact us about your home for sale in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities, we get to work right away. We will evaluate your property and decide if we can make an offer on it within 24 hours of being able to see the property. Our Acquisition Manager and his team have been evaluating homes in the Vancouver and Tri-Cities area for decades.

Part of our philosophy is any real estate transaction should be a win-win proposal. We will give you a bid you can rely on. We typically close on properties quickly after our offer is accepted.
Typically homes we purchase are then remodeled and put back on the market. We believe this improves our communities and helps provide quality housing in our market.

“A Great Company To Work With!”

If you want to sell your house super fast and not have to deal with inspections and all the red tape and deal with a friendly person who is up front and keeps you in the loop all the way through, talk to Elliot!!

Mary W

A Fair Offer For Everyone Involved


Our goal is to be able to remodel and repair the homes we buy so we can put them back on the market and improve the value of all homes in the neighborhoods we work in. This means we’ll need to invest time and money to get the home to the level it needs to be. As such, the amount we offer has to take these extra expenses into account. We take on all the work and risk to sell the home, so we will not be able to offer as much as homeowners who buy off the MLS.

However, there are no fees deducted from our offers and you do not have to do anything to prepare the house or continue to deal with it and pay property taxes, fees, and other costs while it sits on the market.

Do you have a home you need to sell? Well, you are in the right place. Summit Development, formerly C&E Real Estate, specializes in helping homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. Homes at any price. Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.

Why Selling Your House Fast To Us Makes Sense

We are a great option for home owners who:


  • Want to avoid having to pay fees and commissions on the sale of their home.
  • Do not want to mess with making repairs and instead want to sell their home as-is.
  • Do not have the time to list the home and show it to potential buyers.
  • Do not want to keep paying bills, fees, and taxes on the property any longer than they must.
  • Want to sell their home in just a week or two instead of waiting months.
  • Do not want to deal with a bunch of paperwork (we do it all for you).

There are many ways to sell your home because there are many types of homeowners in different situations with different needs. If you have a lot of time and your property is in great condition, listing your home traditionally with an agent to maximize the amount you can earn makes a lot of sense. But not every homeowner is in this situation.

If you are still on the fence, the best news is that you can find out what we’d pay for your home without being obligated to accept our offer in anyway. What’s more, there is no fee to discuss your situation with us or to receive an offer. We are here to help. If after looking at your property we both feel that this is a win-win, we’ll move forward. No obligation at all to find out more about what we’d offer.

“Summit Development Had A Cash Offer To Buy My Property That Same Day!”

Work required me to move across country just as the Real Estate market hit the bottom. I had to get a property manager and was hoping that I could hold onto it long enough to give the market time enough to hopefully start an upward swing. This situation was not ideal and the rental income was not covering the cost and upkeep of the duplex.

Linda C

360-667-5424 – Vancouver, 509-591-9196 – Tri-Cities

Our House Buying Process

4 simple steps to sell your house fast.

Tell Us About Your Washington Property.

Simply give us a call at 360-667-5424 – for Vancouver or 509-591-9196 – for Tri-Cities or fill out our form with your contact information and that of the house you’re wanting to sell fast. The more info you give us, the faster we can make a decision. Keep in all information you share with us is 100% confidential.

Schedule a time for us to view your property.

Once we have analyzed your property based on the information you provided, we will contact you to arrange a viewing of your property. This usually only takes about 15-30 minutes. Please don’t worry about the condition of your property. We are only interested in the potential of the house and don’t care if it’s dirty, pretty or ugly. Our favorite houses are fixer uppers. We buy houses fast, regardless of any needed repairs or condition.

After we view your property we’re usually able to make you an all cash offer on the spot. Will be able to go over the offer right there and then, as well as answer any questions you may have. If the offer works for you, we will sign a purchase agreement for the house and you can decide how soon you’d like to close and get your money.

The closing will take place at our title company and once it is complete your funds will be wired directly to your bank account.

Get A Fair Cash Offer

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of about your property to get a cash offer in 24 hours or call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities).

“Elliot was great to work with in getting our home sold! If you’re looking to sell your home in the Vancouver area, don’t hesitate to reach out to Summit Development…You will not be disappointed!” – Ben & Karen