“I want to sell my Vancouver House Fast For Cash” – Are Repairs Necessary First?

The short answer to this question: no.

Summit Development is a real estate company located in the city of Vancouver, WA, and we pay for homes with cash. We work directly with homeowners that are looking to unburden themselves of property as quickly as they can.

What happens if the property is in a state of disrepair and looks run down? A local homeowner might not have the money or time to shell out for such repairs. This is even more true if the homeowner needs to sell the place as quickly as they can in an open market through a realtor.

The reason we will purchase properties in as-is condition:

Because we purchase properties with cash, we do not require a bank’s approval. Summit Development has the versatility to purchase local houses in Washington, no matter what type of condition they are in.

Generally, most banks will not finance a home if it is in a state of disrepair.

In their eyes, the property is considered to be a risk. Therefore, they will not issue a loan if the house needs to be fixed up.

That leaves many property owners in Vancouver, WA without options if they need to sell their homes. 95% of buyers require home loans to purchase a property.

This is where Summit Development comes to the rescue.

Summit Development buys houses in Vancouver, WA for cash. The business model we use helps homeowners sell their homes as fast as possible – especially ones that require work. We purchase homes for cash before fixing a property up, then sell it in “move-in condition” to a buyer.

  • We cover the costs of repairs.
  • We cover closing costs.
  • You do not have to worry about doing any work because we take care of all of it.

Our objective is to simplify the entire process for you, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

We purchase homes in the city of Vancouver, WA, regardless of the condition they’re in. Call us today at 509-591-9196 and receive a fair offer fast for your property!