You might be under the impression that listing a home is your sole option when selling it. However, more people than ever are choosing to sell directly, as opposed to hiring a real estate agent. There are options at your disposal when selling a house in Vancouver, WA. This article will help you determine what listing a home will end up costing you if you are a resident of Vancouver, Washington!

Quite frankly, not every home fares well on MLS. A number of properties will need major expenditures – not to mention dedicated effort and time – to sell for top dollar. You can expect to pay more than $15,000 if you opt to use a real estate agent when selling your house. Before choosing to utilize the services of an agent in Vancouver, WA, ensure that you are aware of the costs that come with such a decision.


Real estate commissions are generally 6% – give or take – of a final selling price. Occasionally, the commission is worth paying, but you must keep in mind that this commission will be subtracted from the final selling price, come closing time. When the amount is paid, you will be out several thousand dollars.

Administration Expenses

Sometimes, you will need to pay administration expenses. They could entail reimbursements for catering in open houses, flyer distribution, and listing fees. Every real estate agent charges something different. Before signing any listing agreement, you should know what’s covered and what isn’t. Real estate agents are expected to follow through on the things they promise you, too.


You are encouraged to have your house cleaned by professionals before it goes up for sale. If the carpets aren’t being replaced, then they should receive a professional cleaning, too. Sanitation duties will have to be maintained while the property is on the market. People may show up unexpectedly for a viewing if they are interested in the property.

Storage and Staging

Ideally, a lot of people will come to take a look at the house. A real estate agent can arrange the showings to happen when you’re not at home, day or night. Because people will be coming and going frequently, some sellers choose to pack up and store their belongings. If the only things in the home are your necessities, then you won’t have to concern yourself with clutter or messes. You should also consider having the property professionally home staged.

Upgrades and Repairs

Based on the house’s condition, these types of expenses could set you back a lot of money – perhaps thousands. Then again, you might only end up spending a couple hundred here and there. As just about every homeowner can attest to, when you discover something that warrants repair, ten more things may need to be repaired with it. After a home inspection is complete – if requested by a potential buyer – they will probably ask to negotiate the repair expenses with you. You aren’t under any obligation to cover the costs of those repairs, but if selling the place is a priority for you, negotiations should be considered.

If the house is fairly outdated in contrast to other homes up for sale, it should be freshened up to make the place feel more contemporary. This can go a long way in terms of impressing potential buyers. Consider making small improvements like replacing fixtures, adding a new coat of paint, or replacing the flooring. Be mindful that these costs may not be cheap, and you might need to make a few visits to the local hardware store if you’re tending to things on your own.


Before you list your home, you should think about getting your trees trimmed professionally, planting flowers beside the driveway, and/or re-seeding the front lawn. This will enhance the house’s overall appearance and add to its curb appeal. You will need to maintain the house’s appearance while it’s on the market by regularly weeding, sweeping, and mowing. Based on how much time you have and the neighborhood you live in, it may be worthwhile to hire a landscaping company that can keep things looking good.

Monthly Responsibilities

Holding costs can eat into your bottom line. That’s why flippers endeavor to sell properties as fast as they can – no one wants to hold onto property any longer than necessary. Various expenses will need to be paid, including monthly maintenance expenses, mortgages, insurance, taxes, and utility bills. When you factor in each of these expenses, you realize how much these bills can accumulate over time.

Needless to say, the expenses that come with selling a house in Vancouver, WA through a real estate agent can tally up really fast. It will be more expensive to prepare some homes than others before they are listed on MLS. For the sake of saving money and time, you have the option of selling your home to our company. You will not be charged for repairs, nor will you need to pay out any commissions. Find out how we can help you before you reach out to an agent.

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