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Selling Your Home – How it Works

Our Easy 4 Step Process

Step One: Tell Us About Your Home

Thinking about selling your Vancouver home or Tri-Cities property fast for cash?The first thing you need to do is just reach out to us and let us know about your house. If you are in Vancouver, call us at 360-667-5424. If you are in the Tri-Cities, call our Tri-Cities office at 509-591-9196. Better yet, just fill out the form on this site. That’s all you need to do. The more information you can give us, the more quickly we can evaluate your house. Of course, everything you share with us is 100% confidential.

Step Two: We Come View Your Property

As soon as we’ve evaluated your Vancouver or Tri-Cities property, we’ll contact you to come by and take a look. Don’t worry about trying to clean up the place or get things repaired. We prefer homes that are fixer uppers so we can really get into the remodel. All in all, we’ll probably need less than half an hour to actually look at the property.

Step Three: We Make a Fair Cash Offer

After we’ve run our evaluations and looked at the property, we’ll be able to make an offer fairly quickly. Sometimes we can even make an offer right there on the spot and can sign paperwork and answer any questions you have. There is no cost or obligation to receive this offer, but if you do decide to move forward, we can take action right away.

Step Four: You Get Paid Within 7 Days

Last and certainly not least, we finance all of our deals ourselves, so we don’t have to wait for a bank or approval and can pay up front and give you cash in hand as quickly as 5-7 days later. There are no fees, there is no commission, and we do all the paperwork for you. It’s about the easiest way possible to sell your home and still get a fair price.

Selling Your Home Fast In Vancouver

Do you have a home you need to sell? Well, you are in the right place. Summit Development, formerly C&E Real Estate, specializes in helping homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. Homes at any price. Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.