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When it comes to divorce in the US, a full 40-50% of all marriages end in one. This is an incredibly stressful and emotional time for people. The emotional turmoil, the changes in living situations, and often the hurt feelings that go along with the process can make decision making on financial issues a burden at best.

At Summit Development, we understand how difficult and trying divorce is on homeowners. No one wants to have to spend extra time showing a house they are selling because of divorce. People just want to get on with their lives. There are many memories and it’s just an emotionally draining experience that many people would rather avoid.

What Are Your Options?

You do not have to sell your home if you are getting a divorce. For example, you could co-own your home as you previously did. This option can be problematic for a number of reasons, so many homeowners prefer to have one spouse buy out the other, but that requires a lot of money many people don’t want to spend when they are looking for a new home or possibly moving.

It’s probably best to break any connection or commitment you share with your ex on a property in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities by selling that home in the first 60 – 180 days. When you sell to Summit, remember:

  • We pay cash up front and can close as quickly as 9 days after making an offer.
  • We normally make offers within 24 hours of viewing your home.
  • There is absolutely no obligation or fee to receive an offer from us on your home.
  • There are no closing costs, commission, or other fees.
  • There is no need to spend a lot of time in the home. We can be in and out in under 30 minutes and you don’t have to repair or fix anything. We prefer homes that we can remodel, so a little repair work won’t scare us off.
Just fill out the form to Sell Your Home as-is and you will receive a Fair Cash Offer within 24 hours.  Within days you could have your home sold and be moving forward with your life.
Get A Fair Cash Offer
We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Homes at any price.  Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.

Selling Your House After Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

One of the big things many people going through a divorce don’t realize is that they have other options besides hanging onto a home they would rather not be at and investing time and money into it to repair and show it to prospective homeowners. Furthermore, there are likely bills, taxes, and other fees associated with the property that may be burdensome as you and your ex seek new living accommodations.

That’s why Summit Development is happy to work with homeowners going through a divorce to offer them a simpler, easier way out. One that can get you your money in as little as 9 days, no matter what condition your home currently is in. The best thing for you is to move on with your life, and we understand that. We can help you do this by buying your home at a fair price and closing in just 9 days.


Summit Development specializes in helping homeowners in Vancouver and the Tri-Cities who want to sell their home as quickly as possible. No matter what condition your house currently is in, we may be interested. Want to know more? Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) or fill out the form on this site today.