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Too Many Repairs

Are you a homeowner in Vancouver in the Tri-Cities who has been thinking about selling your home but unsure whether or not you should take the plunge? Maybe you want to sell your home, but there are some large issues (repairs, damage, upkeep) that are keeping you from making the call.

At Summit Development, we understand that even the best-laid plans of homeownership can go awry when life throws you some curve balls. Keeping up with the repairs can be daunting when finances are tight. Furthermore, you may have inherited a home from a relative that has been neglected for years. Whatever the situation, we understand that sometimes there are so many repairs needed that you just don’t know what to do and feel trapped.

Needed Repairs and Other Minor Issues Really Stack Up

It may not seem like much to patch a leak in the roof or to throw on a new coat of paint. It isn’t too much trouble to replace a window or door. But, when you need to do all of these things, and perhaps replace the water heater, refloor the kitchen, and rewire the garage, things can start to spiral out of control.

The problem isn’t any one of these single issues, but rather that ongoing deluge of chores and costs associated with attempting to correct them all. But, if you want to sell your house on the MLS< you don’t really have a choice. If you want top dollar, you’ll need a home in top condition.

Summit Development can buy your home in as-is condition without the need for you to make any repairs. We don’t use bank loans to purchase your house so the condition does not matter.

Just fill out the form to Sell Your Home as-is and you will receive a Fair Cash Offer within 24 hours.  Within days you could have your home sold and be moving forward with your life.

Get A Fair Cash Offer

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Homes at any price. Call 360-667-5424 (Vancouver) or 509-591-9196 (Tri-Cities) for more information.

Summit Development Offers an Easier Option

We are a specialized property development company committed to helping homeowners in Vancouver and the Tri-Cities. As such, we often work with homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly – even if they are in disrepair or need major work. Because we remodel homes anyways, we actively look for fixer-uppers.

So if your house or an extra house you own or inherited has gotten so bad you just want someone to take it off your hands, we may be just the buyer you are looking for. What’s more, we offer all kinds of benefits that a traditional real estate agent cannot. These include:


  • We pay all the fees and closing costs for you. There are no commissions or fees when you sell to us.
  • We can close as quickly as 9 days, so if you are in a hurry, we can close months ahead of what you can expect from an offer on the MLS.
  • We buy property as-is, without you needing to repair or fix any issues.
  • We buy property even if there are tenants who won’t leave or other issues you just want to avoid.
  • When we make an offer, it’s final as we finance ourselves.
  • We will get you a fair, all-cash offer within 24 hours of seeing your house. What’s more, you are under no-obligation to accept this offer.