It’s not always the easiest thing to find an agent in Vancouver or Tri-Cities that you love working with. In fact, it can take a bit of work. Anyone who has ever bought or sold real estate in the Washington State market in the past can attest to the fact that there is quite a difference between agents who know what they are doing and those who do not. When it comes to selling your Vancouver, Pasco, Kennewick, or Richland home, you want an agent that you can trust to work tirelessly on your behalf.

Still – how do you find such an agent? Where do you go to find an agent that will be your ally, counselor, confident, and more? Clearly you want an agent with enough business acumen to get the job done, but what else should you be looking for?

Outstanding Qualities in a Vancouver or Tri-Cities Real Estate Agent

  • Motivation: The best agents are agents because they love what they do. This gives them a greater sense of motivation that translates into greater success in every aspect of their work. You want an agent who loves what they do representing your house over one that doesn’t even want to be there.
  • Able to Solve Problems: When it comes to selling a house, there will need to be some quick thinking on your feet. You want an agent who is comfortable and experienced at overcoming the various obstacles that may come up as you attempt to sell and close on your home. Someone who doesn’t lose their head, but instead becomes an asset when issues arise.
  • Engaging Personality: It should be pretty obvious, but the more winning of a personality your agent has, the more they will attract potential buyers and get their head in a positive place as they think about your property. You want someone who makes you feel comfortable because they will make those who view your house comfortable as well.
  • Someone Who Listens: You really want to avoid an agent who talks over you, who it is clear is not listening to you, but just waiting for their chance to talk. Avoid these agents. Pay attention to how an agent interacts with you to see if they are really listening and if they really hear your needs. That being said, you hire a professional for a reason. Just because they disagree with you doesn’t mean they haven’t heard you. Pay attention to this as well.
  • Honesty: Really shouldn’t have to put this one on the list, but if an agent isn’t honest, you shouldn’t continue to work with them. You want agents who are upfront and clear about what to expect.
  • Knowledge: You want an agent who never stops learning. They should always be up to date on all the current trends and happenings. You want one who is certified in as many areas as possible and who is constantly going to seminars and events to keep up on the latest industry trends and opportunities.
  • Attention to Detail: An agent should notice and take care of issues that you are unaware of or would not have noticed otherwise. This includes getting personal things out of the way so that potential buyers feel more invited into the home, and a thousand other small details they’ve learned over time help present the house for sale.
  • A Proactive Attitude: A Vancouver real estate agent is a professional in this industry. As such, you want one that is always a step ahead of you. They should know things you don’t, be able to make contacts you cannot, and reach solutions you would be unable to. Top agents don’t wait for you to come along, instead, they are out working the angels and connections they bring to the table to move your house as quickly as possible.
  • Someone Who Knows People: To sell a home, a real estate agent needs connections. You want an agent that seems to know everyone in town. The more connections they have, the more people will know about your house for sale.
  • Someone Who Has References: The more references the better. An agent that can give you their past 10 clients to call upon for references is better one that only offers a curated list. The best agents have no problem putting you in contact with past clients.


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