Want To Sell Your Home Fast For Cash? How Will Foreclosure Impact This?

Foreclosure is a nightmare no one would want to wish on another homeowner. It can be stressful, scary, and a huge hassle. The end result is losing your home, and likely a seriously damaged credit score. This is true for any homeowner facing foreclosure in Washington State, no matter how or why they got into this situation. If you own a home in Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco there are some specific ways that your home being in foreclosure can affect your ability to sell it. Let’s discuss those in a bit of detail.

How foreclosure affects sellers in the Vancouver and Tri-Cities market

There are all kinds of things that could happen if you face foreclosure, depending on your mortgage agreement. Here is a list to help you prepare:

  1. You will lose your home. This is the big one. A foreclosure ends in the lender repossessing the home from the owner.
  2. A huge hit to your credit score. A foreclosure can wreak havoc on your credit score and prevent you from being able to buy and possibly even rent in the future, at least until your score is repaired. What’s even worse is the higher your score is, the more it stands to lose from a foreclosure. Homeowners with credits scores above 680 can see it drop by more than 100 points.
  3. Mental stress and possible depression. Your mental and physical health is often at risk when facing the overwhelming pressure of a foreclosure. It’s exhausting both emotionally and physically. What’s more, you’ll feel alternately frustrated and hopeless.
  4. The overall value of homes in the community you live will also go down. A foreclosure is bad for everyone, you, the lender, and your neighbors. In some cases, certain neighborhoods in Washington State have had seen home value bottom out because of multiple foreclosures.

What can I do to lessen the harshness of the effect of foreclosure in Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland or Pasco?

For you and your family’s well-being, it’s best to find a plan that helps mitigate some of the worst effects of foreclosure. The best way to do this is to find a reputable real estate company in Vancouver or Tri-Cities who will gladly respond “Yes!” to the question, “Will you pay me a fair price in cash for my house in Vancouver, WA?”  So let’s look at this option as well as some other steps you can take to help out if you are facing foreclosure in Washington State.

  1. Talk to your lender. The bottom line is that foreclosure is not your bank or lender’s first choice. So try to keep a good relationship with them. If you’ve been dodging calls, do what you can to repair the relationship and be honest about your situation. Many lenders have programs and options to help out homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage. You’ll never know what options you have unless you ask. You can do this before you hit foreclosure as well. If you think your finances are going to change, go ahead and see what sort of new deal you may be able to work out.
  2. Find a reputable local real estate agent. A great option is to find a local real estate agent who really knows the Vancouver or Tri-Cities market to evaluate your home and see what it’s worth and what they feel would need to be done to get a good price for it on the MLS. Who knows? Maybe you can sell the house and turn a profit while getting out from your foreclosure. The key will be time. So don’t wait too long.
  3. Try to sell your home using FSBO. You could alternatively just try to sell your home on your own. The internet has created all kinds of lists that homeowners can add their homes to in the Vancouver and the Tri-Cities market. Plus this way you avoid paying commission fees for an agent.
  4. Call Summit Development and sell your home fast for cash. Looking for a no-hassle way to sell your home fast that doesn’t involve a lot of time, work, or money? You are in luck. Summit Development buys homes in the Vancouver and Tri-Cities area for cash. We can get you a no-obligation offer in as little as 48 hours and get you cash in hand as quickly as 7 days later.

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