Looking to sell your house in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities area in Washington soon? Interested in learning a few quick tips on some cheap home upgrades that can boost your selling price? The key is to make your home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. And the trick to doing just that is using great staging and upgrades that are cheap and easy to make. This way you don’t break the bank and can move your home faster.

Cheap Upgrades are a great way to help your Vancouver, Pasco, Richland, or Kennewick house have a big impact on potential buyers

There’s no way around it, one of the best things you can do when selling your home is ensure that potential buyer’s first impression of it is fantastic. There have been many studies done on this and it has been shown that the way a buyer feels about a home in the first few seconds often determines whether or not they will eventually make an offer. So the best thing you can do to increase your homes chances of selling without spending tons of time or money is to ensure the first impression it gives is amazing.

Here are a few cheap ideas to get you started:

  • Plant flowers around your mailbox and paint it. No other upgrade is cheaper or quicker!
  • Make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and buy a brand new welcome mat.
  • You want to keep landscaping looking nice, but not high maintenance so that it seems both attractive and easy to upkeep.
  • Weed any flower beds and consider planting fresh flowers to brighten the feel.


Give Your Kitchen Some Cheap Upgrades

A kitchen is always an area where you can quickly impress or turn off potential buyers. This is why everyone you talk to recommends spending some time and money upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms. But what people don’t tell you is that you don’t always have to make those huge upgrades in the kitchen to maximize its impact. In fact, there are some inexpensive things you can do that can help your kitchen stand out:

  • A fresh coat of paint or finish on the cabinets can update the look and feel of the entire room without having to buy all new shelving. A fresh coat of white paint can do wonders for dark, drab, or outdated cabinets.
  • Adding or updating the faucets, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls along with a fresh coat of paint can make an old space look new and modern at a minimal investment.

An Easy Makeover for the Bathroom

The same tricks that you use in the kitchen on the drawers and cabinets will also work in the bathroom. Beyond this, your local hardware store has a ton of items that you could use to renovate the look of your bathtub, shower, and sink. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Don’t like the tile color? Repainting is far cheaper option to retiling.
  • Adding new or updated shelves or handles for towels and robes can quickly upgrade the amount of storage while giving the room a modern look.
  • If your bathroom only has a very small mirror, looking for a bigger mirror can really change how big the room feels. Mirrors can be pricey, but can be worth it as it as seen as expanding the size of the room.

Living and Bedroom Ideas

There are small things you can do to every room in your home to maximize its impact on potential buyers, including the bedrooms and living room. Here are a few cheap and easy tips to make a great impression:

  • A clean space always makes a better impression, so make sure all personal items and affects are stowed away when showing the house to potential buyers. When your stuff is out, buyers can feel like they are intruding. This makes a subtle shift in the way they feel that can prevent them from making an offer.
  • Add new drapes, blinds, or shades to make the window treatment feel updated. It’s important to have lots of natural light, so focus on options that help with that.
  • Adding a new fixture to the room that draws attention and brightens the space is a very inexpensive way to transform how modern a room feels while also solving any lighting issues it may currently have.

Last Stop: The Back Yard

Make sure there is plenty of inviting seating when you show the backyard. This encourages buyers to imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying the backyard. Even better, setup a little back yard BBQ that they could picture themselves hosting. People love great food, so serving up fresh burgers and sausages is a great way to help them see the back yard’s potential while making them feel more at home.


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