The longer it takes to sell your house, the more it’s going to cost you and the longer you have to wait to get your money. So naturally, everyone wants to sell their home as quickly as they can. If you are a home owner in Vancouver or Tri-Cities looking to sell, you’ll want to think about approaching your sale in such a way as to increase your chances of making the sale quickly.

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Here are 5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Vancouver or Tri-Cities Home Fast


Boost Your Curb Appeal!

You know that old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well this is doubly true in real estate. You are going to have a much more difficult time convincing people to make an offer on your Vancouver or Tri-Cities home if their initial impression is bad. So spend a little time making sure your house looks great from the curb. Here are just a few quick and cheap things you can do:

  • Plant some flowers or other attractive plants
  • Clean up the garden and clear it of any weeds
  • Add a new mailbox, door handles, or address numbers
  • Give the door or other areas of focus a fresh coat of paint
  • Buy a new doormat


Great Photos Are Essential to Building Interest

Most people look online for homes these days, and they are far more likely to pass over your houses advertisement if you don’t have pictures or have bad pictures. The goal is to excite and inspire them with picture that looks great and grabs their attention right away. So make sure you have some great photos of your house to boost its appeal.


Move Out / Pack Up Your Belongings

People who come to see your home will want to imagine themselves living and enjoying themselves in it. It’s hard to do this when they keep seeing pictures of your family and your belongings everywhere. What’s more, if you pack everything up and get it out of the way so potential buyers feel more at home, you’ve got a great head start on your own move, so it’s a win-win. Once your stuff is out of the way, you can even consider taking your showing one step further by hiring a professional to stage your house in the perfect way for a showing to the buyer you are targeting.


Make Sure You Set the Price Right

One big mistake that home owners in Vancouver or Tri-Cities can make is setting the price on their home too high to make it competitive in the current market. We all want to get a great price for our homes and we all tend to think they are worth what we ask, but the reality is that the current market and supply of homes in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities area will have a large impact on the price you can ask for your house. One thing that happens when you set your price too high: the problem can snowball as buyers will shy away from your listing wondering what is wrong with the property that the price had to be reduced. So getting the right price from the get-go is a great way to sell your house in a far quicker and less painful manner.


Advertise Your Neighborhood

Oftentimes home owners fail to advertise and leverage one of the best aspects of their home: their neighborhood. When you list your home, make sure to include important information about the neighborhood and surrounding area. Include things that make it unique and attractive as a location to live. Be sure to include things like places to eat, parks, lakes, things to do, and even commute times to other popular areas.


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