Buy My House in Vancouver, Washington for Cash – 2 Questions to Consider

Do you own a house in Vancouver or Tri-Cities Washington? Are you currently facing foreclosure? Would you like to spare your credit and avoid this headache? Maybe your house isn’t facing foreclosure, but there are still reasons you would like to sell it for cash as quickly as possible. You may just need the cash, have to move, or inherited it when you don’t have the time to keep it up. In any of these situations, and especially if you are facing a foreclosure, selling your home for cash in Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, or any other area of WA is a great option.

Doing so not only protects your credit score from the devastation a foreclosure will have on it, but it also helps you get some extra cash into your hands far more quickly than the traditional route to sell your home in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities Area. Remember, your credit score is at the heart of your finances. It will help or hurt you at nearly every major decision/purchase in your life. If you are facing a Washington foreclosure, it is in your best interest to do whatever you can to avoid it. There may be better options for you than selling your house quickly for cash if you can wait for what could be a long time. But that is not always an option. If you are in a jam and may be losing your Vancouver or Tri-cities house to foreclosure, it’s time to accept that you may have to sell the house, but not that your credit score has to be wrecked.

I need a plan to find someone to buy my house for cash in Vancouver WA or Tri-Cities WA

Now, the first thing you are going to do if you want to sell your Vancouver WA home for cash is to have a plan. This won’t just happen. What’s more, not everyone in the Washington State who claims to buy homes for cash is reputable or will offer a fair price.

A good resource, if you can afford it, is your real estate agent. You will want to find a reputable one who has had great success in your area and will know without a doubt the value of your home according the latest reports. This should help you set the price of your house at one that will move. While you are at it, talk to your bank or lender and let them know that you are trying to sell the home. The bottom line is that a foreclosure is messy and not your lenders preferred way to settle the debt. In most cases, as long as you’ve kept lines of communication open, lenders will work with you to help make the sale possible as they know it means they will likely get more money with less hassle.

Now, the two main questions you need to ask yourself about selling yourself are as follows: (1) how fast do you need to sell the property? And (2), how much do you need to get out of it? Let’s look at these one at a time to help you think your way through this:

Question #1: How quickly do you need to sell your home in Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco?

This is the primary concern when facing a foreclosure – how much time do you have? This is what will determine what options are available to you. If you have several months, a traditional listing on the MLS may be possible. If there are only weeks, selling for cash to a reputable investor in Washington is likely your only option.

If there are less than 2 months until your foreclosure, don’t even consider listing your home in the traditional way. What’s more, you’ll likely have costs built in that you will have to pay for before you get your money. When facing a foreclosure, you may simply not be able to afford all the repairs and issues needed to get top dollar. Instead, selling to a reputable home real estate company, like Summit Development, will allow you to get cash in hand without any money out of pocket or months of wait time. If you want to sell your home for cash in Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco and want to know more about what Summit Development would offer, give us a call – Vancouver (360-667-5424) and Tri-Cities (509-591-9196). If we are interested, will get you a quick, fair, and all-cash offer in under 48 hours.

Question #2: What do you need to get out of your home in Vancouver, Kennewick, Pasco, Richland?

Notice that we used the word “need” here. Sure we’d all like top dollar, but when selling your house quickly and as-is, you are going to have to make some concessions on the asking price to leave room for your buyer or you simply won’t be able to find someone willing to buy the property from you. So you need to know right away what you absolutely must get out of the house, that is, the lowest you could go.

Now, if you have a long time to wait, you will likely be able to get near or possibly even full retail value. So the more time you have, the higher you can expect to get in terms of an offer for you home. As we said earlier, if there are two months or less before your foreclosure, then you need to find a reputable home investor in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, or Vancouver like Summit Development to buy your home. This is your best option because it will help you avoid foreclosure which will destroy your credit score and give you the ability to buy another home in the future. When you sell your home to Summit Development, we make a fair offer, in cash, within 48 hours if we are interested. Then, if you decide to move forward with the sale, we can close and have you cash in hand as quickly as 7 days later.

Start Exploring Options in Washington State Today!

If you are still thinking to yourself, “Yes, but how can I get someone to pay cash for my house in Vancouver WA or any other major metro area of Washington?’ The best way to answer that question is by doing a little research. Summit Development is a reputable home real estate company who wants to improve homes in the Vancouver and the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco) area. But we are not the only option. Make sure to consider reviews when looking at companies that buy homes for cash. When you ask someone to buy my Vancouver WA home for cash, remember to keep in mind the two things we mentioned:

  1. How much time do you have to sell a home for cash in Vancouver or Tri-Cities WA?
  2. How much do you need to get out of the house for sale for fast cash?

Here are the major options to consider:

  • A Real Estate Agent. Got 3 – 6+ months to wait? This is likely your best bet for getting the best deal in the current Vancouver or Tri-cities market.
  • Real Estate Company like Summit Development. Need to sell your house fast for a fair cash price in Washington? This is what you’ll likely want to look into. Remember, you can also avoid closing, maintenance, and repair costs as well by selling to a real estate company for cash. Call Summit Development today at Vancouver (360-667-5424) and the Tri-Cities (509-591-9196) and we’ll start reviewing your property immediately.
  • For Sale By Owner. Like working with an agent and using the MLS, this will take 3-6 months or even longer and has a lot more steps to go through. However, you can likely save by not having to pay a commission to the agent.
  • Discuss Your Mortgage with Your Lender. One of the best things you can do to help prevent foreclosure is to keep in good contact with your bank. They may have options available like a mortgage relief program, etc. You’ll never know what assistance is out there unless you ask, so go ahead and give them a call.

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