Selling Your Vancouver or Tri-Cities Area, Washington Home During a Divorce

With approximately half of the marriages in the US today ending in divorce, selling a home and dealing with a separation can be an all-too-common and deeply stressful experience. Simply put, your home is perhaps your largest joint asset that cannot be split without liquidating it. Not every divorce will result in the sale of the home, but in the event you need to sell your home fast for cash due to a divorce, we have some tips to keep in mind.

The biggest challenge when selling your home during a divorce can be maintaining the objectivity and space you’d normally have when making decisions about large financial obligations. Divorce is a stressful time, one that makes dealing with financial decisions difficult. So here are some helpful guidelines to help you do just that:

Some Ideas to Make Selling Your Home During Divorce Easier

Do You Really Want to Sell Your Home?

If the house in question is a family home where shared children have lived and are continuing to live, sometimes the best option is to let one spouse use it over a specific period of time to allow the children to complete schooling, etc.

If you do decide to make an arrangement like this, make sure to have it put down in writing to ensure that you don’t have arguments about this later on when things may have changed.

Don’t Go It Alone – Get the Help of Professionals or Real Estate Agents

Having an objective, third party to settle disputes or to offer clarity when there are emotional issues preventing you from being able to come to agreement with your ex during divorce proceedings can make things a lot easier on you both.

Either find an agent you can trust and let them handle the details to avoid points of contention as much as possible or find a reputable real estate company who can come in and buy the home as-is with cash as quickly as a week later.

Depending on the situation, your initial offer may not be as much, but without the real estate commissions you may net just as much in the end. You will also be free of the home as quickly as possible and just move on with your life. When you consider the alternative – having to work with your ex over the next several months to sell the home on the MLS, you can see why it’s so popular during divorce.

Set a Timeline and then Make Yourself Stick To It

No matter which route you choose – through an MLS or to a Washington real estate company, set a timeline and stick to it. Don’t let this house keep you held back. The best thing you can do is to make this as quick and easy as you can. When there are children involved, this is particularly true.

So make firm closing dates and moving dates for yourself, and stick to them. What’s more, get everything you plan on your timeline in writing so that there will be less arguments over this.

In Conclusion

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