The housing market is not what it was a few years ago. Today, selling your house online in Vancouver or Tri-Cities is a viable option that people use all of the time. In fact, the online market place is one of the hottest places to market your home—which means you’ll face some pretty stiff competition.

Looking for some insider tips on how to get the edge on the competition when selling your Vancouver or Tri-Cities house online? Then keep reading because we’ll be going over some basic strategies you’ll definitely want to consider to help you stand out from everyone else and sell your house quickly.

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Tips for Selling Your House Online in Vancouver or Tri-Cities Washington

Consider the following basic strategies when you go to sell your house online to better help you stand out in such a crowded market:

  • Include GREAT Photos in Your Listings. Great photos MUST happen. And great photos can’t happen unless you both make sure to hire a professional and prepare your home before you take the photos. Make sure personal items and clutter are removed. Then make sure your photos are taken at the right time, from the right angle to maximize the appeal of your home.
  • The Language You Use in Your Listing Must Be Carefully Chosen. Keep in mind that home buyers see tons of ads all the time. After a while, the same old language and approach starts to become forgettable. You want to use some fresh language to help stand out and stick in a prospective buyer’s mind.
  • Make Sure You Accurately Describe the Washington House and Property. You’ll want to be as detailed and descriptive as you can in your listing. Make sure you disclose defects, but also include the selling points of your house as well. So anything you’ve recently updated or improved should be mentioned.
  • You May Want to Build Your Own Property Website. One great way to stand out is to be the only house featured on the site. All this takes is the small costs and time to setup a professional looking website to feature your house.
  • You May Want to Consider a Premium Listing Service. Ever do a property search on a big site? You probably noticed how there are certain homes that always appear at the top of the list. How did they get there? They paid to be there. Same goes with agents who keep coming up in ads on your browser. If you are looking to move your home quickly, this is a great way to help get it out there in front of as many eyes as possible.
  • Get a Hold of Reliable Data and Use it. Simply put, this is one of the best things you can do. The best data you can get is sold comps. Knowing how much people actually paid for similar homes in your area will help you price accordingly.
  • Learn Where Buyers in Your Area Go Online to Buy Homes and List Yours There. Ultimately, the internet is very big. You’ll want to go where those in your area are buying. So start looking up houses in your area. You’ll see some popular sites like Trulia and Zillow, this is likely a good place to start. You can also have your house listed on the MLS, but whether or not you can do this on your own depends on your area.

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