It was such a pleasure to help put closure to this chapter in their lives. They were great ladies to work with!

Thank you Elliot for all you did for me!

To Whom it may concern:

If you want to sell your house super fast and not have to deal with inspections and all the red tape and deal with a friendly person who is up front and keeps you in the loop all the way through, talk to Elliot!!

He took my house and I told him exactly what I needed. I am so happy to be out from under a house that was a long way away and keeping me from being able to retire. Now if I want to retire next year I can.

Thank you Elliot for all you did for me!

Mary W.

I would definitely recommend Elliot and Christina Smith for anyone who wants results!

Dear Home Owner,

Work required me to move across country just as the Real Estate market hit the bottom. I had to get a property manager and was hoping that I could hold onto it long enough to give the market time enough to hopefully start an upward swing. This situation was not ideal and the rental income was not covering the cost and upkeep of the duplex.Recently, I was contacted by Elliot and Christina Smith regarding my duplex and whether I was interested in selling or not. This came at a time when I was really frustrated by the need for a lot of repairs right when I was least able to afford them. I contacted Elliot and Christina but did not really think that they could help me.

Elliot was easy to talk to and really listened to what was going on with my property situation. He asked for a couple of days to review my situation but quickly called me back with several options of possible ways that he could help me. I was very impressed with his thoroughness and quick response. He was totally honest with me from the first and gave me both the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Together we came up with an option that would work for both of us. With a lot of enthusiasm, Elliot quickly went to work and started the process. He updated me frequently about his progress and kept me aware of what was happening. He also took on a lot of the work which I was very much appreciated as it was one less stressful thing for me right now. Within a matter of weeks, I was told that we had a buyer for the duplex and we were able to close the next week.

I would definitely recommend Elliot and Christina Smith for anyone who wants results. It was smooth process and I was very satisfied. A situation that I felt was totally hopeless turned into a definite win-win for everyone involved.

Linda C.

A Job Very Well Done

“Elliot, I would like to thank you and your team for a very professional job done of the purchase of my property. It was very fast and smooth. A job very well done. Good people always get a good job done.
Chuck B.”